As a collective, we're interested in creating spaces for radical conversations around media, storytelling and representation. In our practice, we attempt to disrupt the usual structures of authority and expertise and allow everyone to contribute their own experiences, expertise and opinions. In order to achieve fair representation, we strongly believe that all the voices involved need to be heard. Our goal is to try and generate spaces where this is able to happen.

We have curated and facilitated workshops as part of:

- London Migration Film Festival
- Difference Festival (University of Westminster)
- National SfGH Conference (King's College, London)
- Radical Film Network Meeting 2022 (atelier studios, Berlin)
- Radical Film Network Meeting 2019 (silent green, Berlin)
- Creative Interruptions' Festival on Art and Activism (Brunel University)

At present, we are developing a further series/partnerships to take place throughout 2020.

If you would like to collaborate with us on a project or for us to deliver a workshop for your event, get in touch!


Details to be announced.

Power and Participation
in documentary film

17.06.2019 BFI
as part of the Creative Interruption Festival

This intervention was curated for the Creative Interruptions Festival held at the BFI, focusing on inclusion and exclusion in documentary film and the relationships between art and activism. Working in a participatory way with those who attended the event, we discussed how filmmakers have used collective voices of struggle to further a cause and their own agendas, as well as what happens after these films are made.

The stories between us:
Dehumanisation and Othering in visual media on migration

17.02.2019 Kings College London
as part of US vs THEM: Bridging the Divide

This interactive event took place at King's College London as part of the National SfGH Conference on Dehumanisation and Othering. Working with a small group of medical students, we explored the topic of visual representations of migration, asylum and refugee narratives. We compared different media forms — documentary, news clips, medical documentation - which documented multiple aspects of the refugee experience.

in documentary portrayals of migration

02.12.2018 Migration Museum
as part of the London Migration Film Festival

27.02.2019 University of Westminster
as part of the Difference Festival

Using the Long-Table format, an interactive and participatory discussion platform conceived by Lois Weaver, we explored our position as storytellers, curators and media consumers. The event explored the responsibilities of those who create visual narratives based on another's experience of migration. Filmmakers, protagonists, academics, professionals and also viewers came together to discuss this topic. The event was very popular, taking place at both the Migration Film Festival and the Difference Festival.